Values strong and positive

MARLI wishes to offer a new sense of fashion and carries high its convictions: A brand committed, positive and concerned about the world in which it evolves. A French production made with passion by people with disabilities. A philanthropic approach aimed at valuing the work of people with disabilities


Passionate about the fabric and chineuse in the soul, I amass since my youngest age as an ant, a
Rainbow of sheets, pieces of cotton, silk and fragments of linen.
The idea of MARLI, a delicate fabric fashionable in the eighteenth century, whose letters were gleaned from my name and my
first name, emerges at the beginning of 2015: I imagined a line of simple, warm and feminine totes, made for
girlfriends from tissue scraps.
From markets to flea markets, from granaries to our grandmothers' closets, I’m looking for fabrics
forgotten to give them a second life.